Great marketing starts always with Unexpected Content

Find out how to break down marketing campaigns rules (and boring stuff)

March, 18 2020

Top 5 brands which make email different

Email is the last barrier before the website, a barrier that is often unbreakable for most brands. However, some of them do manage to get through it. They have understood that the contents of an email[...] Read More

March, 10 2020

Unexpected Email content for fashion brands

Fashion brands have an infinite source of inspiration to prepare visual content that is ever more attractive to their subscribers. However, you know what people say about taste and colors. What I like[...] Read More

March, 10 2020

What is a High-Performing Email Content

Many elements are involved in creating an email that performs well with your subscribers. As a reminder, email is still by far the most cost-effective marketing channel: one dollar spent is worth 40 d[...] Read More

March, 05 2020

Memorable Email Experiences: How best-in-class brands rely on contextual data

CRM strategy email marketing email performance spam

Some brands help make a difference in our inboxes when others still provide us with the same thing. Boring brand content, so-called exceptional but not suitable offers, in short, items that have alrea[...] Read More

February, 27 2020

Abandon carts emails: how to trigger conversions

abandon cart email

70% of your visitors abandon their shopping cart at checkout. We don't teach you anything. To try to convert intent into purchase, however, it is not enough to hope to convince your recipients through[...] Read More

February, 11 2020

Emails predictions : Recipes for Metrics Health in 2020

CRM strategy email marketing email performance KPI

In 2020, email, the undisputed champion of all channels, is far from saying its last word. Here are a few figures to convince you of it:  ‘Active emails accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion this y[...] Read More

January, 31 2020

Email marketing vs spam : how to make the difference in inbox

CRM strategy email marketing email performance spam

Digital has changed our relationship with time (and our patience too). With this paradigm shift, everything that was bearable is no longer. At least, our attention is so consumed by hundreds of micro-[...] Read More

January, 29 2020

How to create brand-new welcome emails

CRM strategy email marketing email performance welcome emails

Welcome emails have become so standard that we don't even bother to optimize them anymore. Because, yes, there is room for improvement. For a subscriber, imagine the frustration that this type of emai[...] Read More

January, 17 2020

Can we change email content based on the subscribers’ context?

CRM strategy Customer Experience email marketing individualization Live Content Content performance email performance

For those who still doubt it, it is possible to make contents in an email come alive without having to do almost nothing. It is even the key to get them to interact and create unbreakable bonds betwee[...] Read More

January, 13 2020

3 email contents that change emails (and that your subscribers love)

CRM strategy email marketing individualization Live Content email performance

Here's an article that will make you forget about emails like "great offers", "exceptional promotions" or "you're going to love it". These email contents are now definitely in the Spam category for yo[...] Read More