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Unexpected Email content for fashion brands

Written by Colette on 10, March 2020

Fashion brands have an infinite source of inspiration to prepare visual content that is ever more attractive to their subscribers. However, you know what people say about taste and colors. What I like doesn't necessarily please my next-door neighbor. In other words, a vintage selection, although requested by your Merchandizing team to appear in your next campaign, may not resonate with your subscribers who want to receive a lookbook with the latest pieces inspired by the Paris Fashion Week. How do you create the unexpected in your inbox when you are a fashion brand?

Step 1: know and detect your subscribers' favorites

Whether they are addicted to your brand or not, not understanding the cute little fashion sins of your subscribers is bad business! We don't ask you to give up your carefully prepared lookbooks to share the latest trends of the season. Keep your "New In" but not to design all your emails.

The very first thing to do is to ask for feedback with Live Polling. This is the best way to find out which categories or sub-categories interest them the most. Why not revise your routine by replacing your welcome emails with Live Polling? Or plan, outside of your classic campaigns, an email that allows you to take the temperature and detect the real fashion trends that are hitting your subscribers?

With this real-time strategy, you can: 

  • detect what your recipients like the most at a specific time;
  • interact in a new way with your brand;
  • create an email reopening reflex to see updated survey results; 
  • automatically refine your email content using 100% subscriber data. 

Imagine that the results of your Live Polling informs you that your subscriber is interested in swimwear. He or she may be planning his or her next vacation! You will be able to create a content that automatically integrates this information and propose a selection of swimwear in the right size and always available thanks to the contextual data.

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Step 2: add a contextual touch to fit any occasion

Let's go back to our swimsuit example. You have detected an appetence, prepare a scenario that will take up this insight and all the others. In other words, each recipient will receive an email with a different content depending on what they selected during your Live Polling. But don't stop there! Because using only Live Polling would be like segmenting. Just the opposite of what you need to do. Use behavioral data to make sure that each recipient has a different content.

This first step is great, but you can do even better. By adding the remaining stock on each of the swimsuit models offered, you impact your subscriber's decision making. All the faster if the subscriber had a strong intention to buy!

Let's say that the latter was not really to be convinced anymore, you can bet that the others will react quickly enough if they learn that there are only 5 products left in their size!

Don't panic on your side either: if a product becomes unavailable, it is automatically replaced thanks to a connection to your product feed, without you having to do anything. 

Scenarios involving contextual data can be multiplied ad infinitum. You can use the weather forecast to propose a selection of tailor-made products for instance.

Step 3: optimize your selections for ever more unexpected surprises

If you work in the fashion industry, you know how frustrating it is to have an email to show all the products selected by merchandizing. On the other hand, your subscribers don't necessarily want to see products that don't interest them...

So you're faced with a dilemma. What if you can combine both? Let merchandising give its selection and the recipients choose for the next ones which products they will see. 

Only the products combination can allow you to do both at the same time. Unlike traditional AB testing, everything is done in real time. No recipient is condemned to see content that doesn't perform!