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Top 5 brands which make email different

Written by Colette Alcaraz on 18, March 2020

Email is the last barrier before the website, a barrier that is often unbreakable for most brands. However, some of them do manage to get through it. They have understood that the contents of an email can generate enough emotions and surprises to trigger interaction. Zoom on 5 of the brands that use Reelevant on a daily basis to bring an unexpected touch that makes all the difference in the inbox.



One of the leading online shoes and accessory retailers sends regular emails to share the brand's bestsellers. 

The brand now integrates a zone totally dedicated to displaying products in connection with the recipient's navigation without the need for CRM teams to recreate the zone each time an email is sent. A single link is inserted into the router.

By adding the size of the customer to further refine the products and available stock in real time, the brand plays the game of individualization. 

Surprise guaranteed for the recipient who can pick what she or he wants! If ever a product is no longer available, it is automatically replaced so that it never creates a feeling of frustration. 


#Best Western 

Until now, the online hotel booking specialist has been preparing a selection of hotels : 

  • without being sure of their availability;
  • with large price variations (up to 15 variations sometimes for the same hotel and the same period).

The fact that the content was static did not allow for real-time updates when the email was opened. By clicking on a hotel, the recipient was likely to find himself in front of an already full hotel at the wrong price! Disappointing effect guaranteed! 

With the automatic data update, the hotels feed is constantly updated at the time the email is opened, which means that only those hotels that are still available are displayed. The same applies to the prices. The recipient is thus offered a price that corresponds to his or her loyalty status.

Best Western wanted to go even further with the display of the hotels having collected the best open to click rate. In real time, the impact of the content is calculated with the recipients at the time of opening to display only those who perform the best. A good way for Best Western to combine its selection and the impact of this selection on its recipients thanks to the products combination. 


The famous clothing brand Camaïeu has gambled on content augmented by contextual data to offer a selection of products corresponding to the weather in the city where it opens. 


In an individualized area, three products appear corresponding to the weather conditions in the city of the opener. The visual experience is also a real eye-catcher, as recipients are challen

ged when they see the opening city and its weather. Perfect timing to reinforce its credibility in an email concocted according to the weather!

If the weather was the preferred option here, other contextual data could have been used such as the device or the remaining stocks, as in the other cases mentioned here. 






For Carrefour, the Wine Show rhymed this year with "individualizing"! 

Depending on the recipient's navigation path, different bottles appear in a dedicated area. 

No navigation data? The products combination is used to propose the teams' selection of products and let the recipients choose which ones they like the most. It is also the performance that makes the relevance of a content.


#Rue du Commerce  

Rue du Commerce, in line with the various brands mentioned above, also uses navigation data to create emails that are increasingly consistent with the expectations of its recipients. 

For example, this email including a product seen on certain pages associated with a promotion to trigger the purchase of undecided people. If the price effect was a barrier, there is a good chance that the undecided will finally succumb to the purchase. 

Other data could have appeared as customer reviews. We know that social proof has impressive striking power with the intentionists. 

email-rueducoSurprise, relevance & unexpected: if you had to rethink your email content strategy, these three elements guarantee a unique effect. Just like your recipients!