On-demand visual content is a Personality, not a strategy.

Find out how to break down messages rules (and boring stuff)

The new age of On-demand Visual Content

Written by Vincent Martinet on 16, November 2020

People are overwhelmed, disengage, they no longer expect anything from you, you have created contempt in them. People don’t care about your brand messages because every company works in the same way. The worst is indifference and that is exactly what is happening to you. 9 out of 10 people don't interact with your messages.

We believe that current messages are outdated, from another time. We believe that it is no longer possible to create frozen, boring, and lifeless content for campaigns. You can change it & back to control. It's time to play in a new game of possibilities with the new On-Demand Visual Content era.

People are driven by stories, and start being pissed off by your incredibly boring content campaigns. Visual content is what moves people, what drives them to act.

This is a question of biology, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visual content eating the world, this is the key to our emotions.

A new world is already here, we believe in a new way of thinking about messages by shifting the paradigm of push marketing to translate any data into on-demand contextualized visual content for each person created on the fly at the moment people decide to read them, not when you decide to create or send it. In a few words, create content for people, not for campaigns.

On-demand Visual Content inspires people with memorable stories that speak to them, to engage them, and convert. On-demand visual content is a Personality, not a strategy.

Don't forget people don't buy products, they buy stories and emotions, marketing campaigns are boring.

Please don't be bland, be grand!