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November, 25 2019

How to create more interactions on your emails?

CRM strategy email marketing email performance

A few days before Black Friday, your emails are almost ready. In 2018, the email generated 24 percent of all online U.S. retail sales during the Black Friday weekend. It is the perfect channel to gene[...] Read More

November, 21 2019

Can we really optimize content in an email in real-time?

CRM strategy Customer journey email marketing individualization Live Content Content performance

Good news: the answer is yes! The evolution of technology now makes it possible to achieve this type of feat, and that is a good thing. However, we often see our interlocutors being confused when we t[...] Read More

November, 18 2019

Which KPI's to measure the impact of content in an email?

CRM strategy email marketing email performance

When trying to measure the performance of your emails, you often stick to often summary KPI's such as the opening rate and click rate. However, email is not just an email object that would trig ger op[...] Read More

November, 06 2019

What data should you use to build your emailing strategy ?

CRM strategy email marketing individualization Content performance

In terms of customer experience, the best in class, Amazon, Deliveroo, Google and Netflix, rely on solid Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to reach their customers and prospects at every point of their jo[...] Read More

October, 25 2019

How to choose your products in an email?

CRM strategy email marketing email performance

Selecting the products to display in an email is always the same story! You have to make sure that everyone finds their way around, the merch, you and the recipient. However, the selection of the merc[...] Read More