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March, 05 2020

Memorable Email Experiences: How best-in-class brands rely on contextual data

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Some brands help make a difference in our inboxes when others still provide us with the same thing. Boring brand content, so-called exceptional but not suitable offers, in short, items that have alrea[...] Read More

February, 11 2020

Emails predictions : Recipes for Metrics Health in 2020

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In 2020, email, the undisputed champion of all channels, is far from saying its last word. Here are a few figures to convince you of it:  ‘Active emails accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion this y[...] Read More

January, 31 2020

Email marketing vs spam : how to make the difference in inbox

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Digital has changed our relationship with time (and our patience too). With this paradigm shift, everything that was bearable is no longer. At least, our attention is so consumed by hundreds of micro-[...] Read More

January, 29 2020

How to create brand-new welcome emails

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Welcome emails have become so standard that we don't even bother to optimize them anymore. Because, yes, there is room for improvement. For a subscriber, imagine the frustration that this type of emai[...] Read More

January, 17 2020

Can we change email content based on the subscribers’ context?

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For those who still doubt it, it is possible to make contents in an email come alive without having to do almost nothing. It is even the key to get them to interact and create unbreakable bonds betwee[...] Read More

January, 13 2020

3 email contents that change emails (and that your subscribers love)

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Here's an article that will make you forget about emails like "great offers", "exceptional promotions" or "you're going to love it". These email contents are now definitely in the Spam category for yo[...] Read More

January, 09 2020

(New Feature): engage your subscribers like you have never done with our Live Polling

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"We will never be able to collect what really interests our subscribers in real time", "impossible to create and update a poll in an email", " do not dream: to get the trend, it's on social media that[...] Read More

January, 03 2020

How to surprise your email recipients in 2020?

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Giving your subscribers an unexpected experience in 2020 may not have crossed your mind. Email is the last channel you thought you could use to surprise your subscribers. With its static content, it's[...] Read More

December, 20 2019

Why should your CTOR alert you

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Nowadays, email is probably the best way in the hands of marketers today to get key data on their recipients (and learn from it). The problem is that we often stop at analyzing open and click rates to[...] Read More

December, 13 2019

Boring or unexpected marketing: how do your email recipients think you are ?

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When we deal with the ROI of our emails, we focus on whether our recipients open or click on them, less so if they are interested in the content. It's quite surprising, by the way. The reactivity rate[...] Read More