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Find out how to break down messages rules (and boring stuff)

January, 17 2020

Can we change email content based on the subscribers’ context?

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For those who still doubt it, it is possible to make contents in an email come alive without having to do almost nothing. It is even the key to get them to interact and create unbreakable bonds betwee[...] Read More

November, 29 2019

How to create several email versions with a single HTML?

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If you are used to designing an email by segment or even by micro-segment, you know what to expect. A lot of time to produce content and results that are rarely good enough. This is the risk of target[...] Read More

November, 21 2019

Can we really optimize content in an email in real-time?

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Good news: the answer is yes! The evolution of technology now makes it possible to achieve this type of feat, and that is a good thing. However, we often see our interlocutors being confused when we t[...] Read More

November, 06 2019

What data should you use to build your emailing strategy ?

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In terms of customer experience, the best in class, Amazon, Deliveroo, Google and Netflix, rely on solid Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to reach their customers and prospects at every point of their jo[...] Read More

October, 18 2019

What is an high-performing email?

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What are we really talking about when we tackle email performance? Design? Object? CTAs? Visuals or banners? A little of all this? In reality, we often miss the point. Read More

October, 08 2019

3 strategies to increase the performance of your emails (and much more)

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Increasing email performance is key to build a unique relationship with your customers. On the prospect end, email encourages interaction at first, then ideally, one day, the purchase. There is a lot [...] Read More