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Emails predictions : Recipes for Metrics Health in 2020

Written by Colette on 11, February 2020

In 2020, email, the undisputed champion of all channels, is far from saying its last word. Here are a few figures to convince you of it: 

  • ‘Active emails accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion this year’ (Statista 2019)
  • ‘People actually spend 2.5 hours per day checking emails- while at work’(Convince & Convert)
  • ‘38% of U.S consumers are driven to action due to email” (Campaign Monitor)

People love emails. If the shape is right, is the bottom fit? Indeed, a click to open rate of just 14.3% across all industries in 2019 gives the scope for a major project to be carried out quickly on the content of emails.

1/ Focus on the click to open rate 

We were talking about it last week and also last year. You're going to tell yourself that we're obsessed with this KPI and you're not totally wrong. 

Unlike the click rate, which reveals nothing about the traction of email content, the click to open  rate reveals your ability to get your recipients to interact. Meaning, the relevance of your content to drive people to engage more. 

Today, 1 out of 10 people engage through the content of your emails. If we compare with the number of emails sent each day, we already realize that the quantity is counterproductive. Sending mass emails is : 

  • annoying the subscriber, especially if you always say the same thing over and over again; 
  • being considered as spammer and therefore taking the risk that the recipients will unsubscribe; 
  • losing visibility in subscribers inbox. 

The click rate is also correlated to the number of emails sent. It is easy to understand that the essential is at stake elsewhere and that the performance of the content must be considered first and foremost.

2/Create the unexpected with Live Content

We tend to forget that content is supposed to entertain. Entertain for a change from the ordinary. We can no longer settle for the minimum and expect the recipients to be empathetic and willing. 

The inbox has become a real trench. Not just because your competitors are in it too. Everyone is trying to stand out and attract attention. So everyone has to fight with everyone else. Travel with fashion, cosmetics with media, and so on. 

You have to be able to make a difference by provoking the unexpected and change the codes to go beyond email. Live Content meets these objectives by creating on-the-fly content that will meet the expectations of each person but also their context at the open time of the email. 

3/ Surprise your subscribers

The unexpected also means surprise. The surprise of finding something you never thought you'd find in your inbox. This is the case with Live Polling, for example. And we can multiply the use cases!

Choosing a holiday destination is always tricky. By asking your recipients to vote for a holiday in the sun, you can redirect them to a selection of holidays that corresponds to their wildest dreams. 

If you want to know more about the categories or even sub-categories that your recipients like the most, let your recipients tell you by playing. 

Surprise, entertain, optimize: turn boring into unexpected!



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