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Email marketing vs spam : how to make the difference in inbox

Written by Colette on 31, January 2020

Digital has changed our relationship with time (and our patience too). With this paradigm shift, everything that was bearable is no longer. At least, our attention is so consumed by hundreds of micro-events that the smallest sand grain can trigger irritation. A retargeting banner, sponsored posts in our timelines, a junk email ending in spam. Everybody agrees that we have to stop and yet, the budgets dedicated to each of these irritation sources do not weaken. 

In a way, this is a good thing. Because it's not so much the channel that needs to change as the message that needs to be delivered. Zoom in on the elements that can help you make a difference in inbox.

1/ What metrics to measure the effectiveness of your emails?

In 2020, you can no longer rely on traditional metrics to create effective content. When we say effective, we mean who could almost anticipate the needs of the recipient before they even know they need it. 

If your content is good, how do you know? Stop dwelling on outdated metrics. Concretely, an email that performs well is not good because the subject line speaks to the recipient. At least, the subject no longer makes the difference when emails pile up.

What influences openness in the long run is above all what you will find in it, i.e. the content. Because if your content is irrelevant, your recipients will at best stop opening. At worst, they will unsubscribe. By dint of being exposed to lifeless content, totally out of sync with the moment of exposure, one ends up getting bored.

And that's just as well! This forces you to review the copy and to take an interest in an often forgotten metric: the click to open rate. We've already mentioned it but it's worth remembering that only this KPI can take you out of the junk email category.

2/ How to get out of spam?

If you focus on the click to open rate, you will be forced to stay focused on your content. To only think about one thing, create the unexpected. In other words, to bring that extra soul that brings emotion, removes friction and keeps the experience alive. 

How does this translate into reality? By having the reflex "unique individual/unique content". However, this requires a different mindset. We cannot stay in a campaign and personalization system to make this paradigm shift. 

Your recipients are not part of a segment. They don't belong to a group that allows you to run your campaign system. Your mission is to create emotion and this is not compatible with the old campaign system. The only way to trigger emotion is to create real-time content for each individual at the moment they are exposed to it. This means relying on what interests them and what is happening around them at a specific moment. Admit that the campaign system does not allow you to do this. 

Living an experience is so powerful that every recipient will want to participate. This is probably the best way to get out of the spam category.  

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