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Memorable Email Experiences: How best-in-class brands rely on contextual data

Written by Colette on 5, March 2020

Some brands help make a difference in our inboxes when others still provide us with the same thing. Boring brand content, so-called exceptional but not suitable offers, in short, items that have already been read a thousand times. A study conducted in the US reveals that 1 out of 3 people say they are influenced by email marketing to make their purchase decision. Best-in-class brands such as Asos, Dermalogica, Bulk Powders are starting to revolutionize email. It's good timing, we have some tips to make the experience of their subscribers even more wahou!

Asos and Dermalogica use the weather forecast to propose a suitable selection of products

Based on the localization of its subscribers, Asos prepares a selection specifically adapted to the weather at the time the email is opened. The name of the recipient also appears.

The principle is quite simple to understand: the visuals change dynamically according to a predefined scenario. Capture d’écran 2020-03-05 à 17.11.12

It's a good bet that the recipients of these emails will find a real plus in the selection thanks to the contextualization of the content. But has Asos taken the way of surprising its recipients to the limit? 

In our opinion, this is what could change everything: 

  • Create a better experience by providing the subscriber’s city and weather forecasts 
  • integrate a dose of behavioral data: let's imagine that the subscriber is already searching for products or browsing in a specific category. It's tiCapture d’écran 2020-03-05 à 17.18.08me to show him that you're following what he likes at the right time.
  • display the remaining stock: by combining contextual data and stock display, Asos could further influence the purchase decision.

Like Asos, Dermalogica bases its emails on the weather to educate its recipients about the sun's harmful effects by advising them on the right protection. Combining conversion and prevention: here is a smart brand! However, we could go even further:

offer a selection of products and contents according to the time of day. For example, prepare everything you need for the morning routine if the recipient opens his or her email when getting up or for the evening routine if the email is opened at the end of the day. By including behavioral data, Dermalogica can surprise its subscribers with unexpected content that is totally adapted to their issues.




Bulk Powders makes welcome emails more personal and why it is a problem

More personal does not mean made for one person! We talk about it regularly here and here. Like most brands, Bulk Powders automates its we

Capture d’écran 2020-03-05 à 17.24.33

lcome emails. The famous sports nutrition brand goes one step further by adding content based on the recipient's wellness and fitness goals. This is a good basis but the content is first and foremost designed with a custom feed and CRM data.

We can do much better! 

  • Ask new recipients to vote for the category(ies) they are most interested in in their welcome emails with Live Polling. Each recipient can get the results in Live every time they come back to their email. Once you have the results, you can automatically provide them with a selection of products and/or tailor-made content. 
  • Use the power of context to increase the relevance of your emails from the first contact. Bulk Powders could for example use the time to propose a selection of products adapted to the subscriber for his training, warn him to be careful if he decides to go running in the rain with a blog article on the subject, etc.

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