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How to create brand-new welcome emails

Written by Colette on 29, January 2020

Welcome emails have become so standard that we don't even bother to optimize them anymore. Because, yes, there is room for improvement. For a subscriber, imagine the frustration that this type of email can generate. We live in a period where deciding to give up one's email to a brand is a strong act. If a person does it, it means they expect something from you. That something more unique, generating attention, emotion and interaction. So where does it all go from here?

1/ You get to know your subscribers' appetencies better...

You will tell us that creating content for welcome emails, what's new? Watch out for this kind of habit. You can't overlook a powerful lever to stay in touch, to know your subscribers better and based on this type of insights, create the most that will make the difference. 

So far, so good but how to do it? Behavioral data are your best allies. You need to be able to detect what interests your subscribers the most at every moment they decide, whether we are talking about products or content in the broadest sense. 

Are you still following? What do you think about the fact that you can get to know your subscribers even before they give you their email? Did you know that it is possible to retroactively get behavioral data from your subscribers? You can be one step ahead, enjoy it!

Welcome Email use cases :

  • for a selection of tailor-made products based on browsing

> Opt for an individualized zone with 3 products, categories, subcategories, etc. in your emails in a banner  with the subscriber first name for instance; 

> Opt for a unique individualized zone with an abandoned basket; 

  • to keep their content consumption going:

> Automatically prepare a selection of content based on the ones your new subscribers select like tutorials, DIY videos, blog articles for example.

2/ Keep focusing on content, the only human emotion conductor 

It may seem logical to you, but nothing goes by without content. No emotion, no feeling. You've probably already had the bitter experience. To this, you will probably answer that the personalization tools are there to make everyone feel concerned because they read. In theory. 

In practice, let's be honest, you're not really talking to a person but to a segment. In other words, a group of people sharing a family situation, a recent TV purchase or the same phone model. 

You have to confess that this defines someone's identity poorly enough to create relevant content. If you add the context in which the email is opened, there's almost no chance of getting it right. 

Coming back to our welcome emails, you already have a chance to get it right. We'll explain how. 

Welcome Email use case : Let your subscriber play!

Before automatically creating tailored content, dust off your welcome emails by asking your new subscribers to say what they like best.

We've got a great solution to do that. It's called Live Polling

How it works? 

It's like a poll, but better with a real-time approach. In the case of welcome emails, for example, ask your new subscribers to vote for a category or subcategory they are most interested in. Then keep your new relationship alive with a better understanding of their current likes and dislikes. At every reopened mail, your subscribers will always see the updated results.  

3/ Reconsider your email overview

We have just seen that there are ways to turn basic emails into real war weapons to trigger the "love at first sight". Don't stop there! 

  • Re-use the behavioral data we talked about before to make product or content selections that are always updated according to your subscribers' current tastes. 
  • Add contextual data to the behavioral data to make sure you win the battle of instantaneity. Device, subscriber localization, weather: empower contextual data to make your emails match your recipient intent. 

Now take a closer look at your KPI's. What do you think of your new click-to-open rate? Impressive, isn't it? You're about to get a taste of this new little email revolution. 

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