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The 3 emails that stood out in 2019

Written by Colette on 6, December 2019

There are all these lambda emails and then, in this ever-increasing mass, the exceptional emails. These kinds of emails that could totally make us forget that they are emails. What do they have in common? Content that looks exactly like the recipients. How?  By creating unique messages on the fly based on behavioural or contextual data to set off the interaction that will create the emotion . Why? Because the time is no longer ripe for a monstrous production of emails that fill the Spam box because they cannot find any interest from each of the recipients. In 2020, make the unexpected a new standard.

#1 : Yves Saint Laurent's Deal Reveal

The idea: create an experience never before seen through the creation of a single email that can evolve its message without the marketer is nothing to do to make the recipient come back, engage and convert.

How? By creating only one Html version with two different content depending on the opening time. 

Results : 

+53% reopening of the email 

Despite the lack of promotion, the KPI's of engagement, like the open-to-click rate, are on the green.

#2 Browsing or contextual data : nothing escapes Etam to engage its communities

The idea: to offer the unexpected experience that suits in the eyes of intentional recipients or creates the intention to buy depending on the weather based on behavioral or contextual data only available and usable at the open time of the email.  

How? By setting up a zone in the email that can be reused over and over again to expose recipients to products, categories or any element seen previously during their browsing journey. If no navigation data is available, Etam displays in the same area products/categories corresponding to the weather conditions that match the recipient's localization at the open time of the email. 

Result :  

Click-to-open rate

Browsing data area

Default area 

x 8, 8% 

Conversion rate 

Browsing data area 

Default area 

x 5.7 % 

#3 "Ok Google": when Fnac relies on the voice to engage in its emails

The idea: always on the lookout for new ways to perpetuate customer engagement and seduce the undecided, Fnac is surfing on the new conversational game to stir up surprise and engage with its audiences in a different way. 

How? By capturing contextual data in a unique way at the open time of the email, we individualize for each recipient the message transcribed by Google Home at the top of the email in creating content on the fly, that’s to say at the open time of the email.

Topics: CRM strategy, email performance