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(New Feature): engage your subscribers like you have never done with our Live Polling

Written by Colette on 9, January 2020

"We will never be able to collect what really interests our subscribers in real time", "impossible to create and update a poll in an email", " do not dream: to get the trend, it's on social media that it happens !" If these pieces of discussion talk to you, what follows should change your routine and bring the unexpected touch.

We release the Live Polling for: 

  • Identify or confirm a trend
  • Know the recipient's interests and intentions in real time
  • Show the results update each time an email is re-opened
  • Extend the Live polling experience on all channels

Results: the poll remains updated each time it is re-opened with the results displayed. Whether or not with timer, Live Polling:

  • creates surprise and emotion with live and dynamic content
  • generates an alert and triggers interaction
  • boosts the KPI's of engagement and conversion, especially the open to click rate. Be sure you will make your social media colleagues jealous !

Open your chakras and fasten your seat belts: you will never see the email the same way again.

Create the email your subscribers no longer expected

Can we tell you a little secret? Your subscribers are bored. They are tired of receiving emails that are soulless and do not provide any emotion or experience. The issue: insipid content that speaks to everyone and ultimately to anyone. 

We have a solution to change everything: let your recipients play. Give them something that they've never seen before, they're waiting for it!

Whether you want to ask them what deal they are most interested in before Black Friday, their favourite holiday destination for their next stay, their intention to participate in an event. There are 1000 and 1 reason to make your subscribers interact and make them forget that they are in their inbox.

Get key data for customer knowledge that would otherwise be impossible to collect

Do you think you should stick to the customer data you already have in your CRM? Are you frustrated not being able to take advantage of the incredible engagement and conversion lever carried by contextual data (location, device, etc. of your recipients)? 

With Live Polling, get out campaign criteria as you have been following them since they exist. Refine your customer knowledge in real time and only offer content that is likely to interest your recipients in your next email sequences by analyzing the impact of historical content on the subscriber.

Better understanding your recipients means not only being able to create better content, but also different content. Much more than a gadget, Live Polling is at the heart of your strategy to: 

  • give each of your openers the experience they deserve
  • give you the knowledge you lacked to enrich customer lifetime value.

Don't just email: extend the Live Polling experience on all channels

Do not stop the experience on your email: use the interest expressed by your subscribers through Live Polling to continue the experience in any channel. 

The key to success: content. If openers interact with a category, such as "sunny destination", anticipate a landing page that matches the experience deployed on the email. The idea: to present the polling results and the content related to the answer voted by the subscriber, for example.

Use one of the individuals' favorite channels to boost your revenues and engagement: 

  • an explosion in the open to click rate; 
  • an increase email re-openings; 
  • increased retention;
  • conversion rate growth.

Topics: CRM strategy, email marketing