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How to create more interactions on your emails?

Written by Colette on 25, November 2019

A few days before Black Friday, your emails are almost ready. In 2018, the email generated 24 percent of all online U.S. retail sales during the Black Friday weekend. It is the perfect channel to generate maximum traffic and boost conversion. But we still need to be able to generate an interaction. What is the best element for that?  Neither the subject of the email nor the time at which it is sent.

The content determines the brand and...its recognition by the recipient

A few weeks ago, we mentioned a salient fact: competition in the inbox. We tend to think that the recipients sort by segmenting as you do, retail vs retail, travel vs travel, etc. It is actually more complicated than it seems. Competition in the inbox is therefore not only about defined parameters, well, as you would define it. 

So how does the recipient decide to interact with the email of one brand rather than another? 

Content makes the difference. Content defines the brand. It is recognizable among 1000. Be careful, there is no question here of talking about tone of voice. This is an essential criteria of course, but the issue is not there. We are talking about experiential, contextual, instantaneous content. In other words, the one that pushes the recipient to complete an action. Before even hoping for conversion, it is necessary to develop the email content that engages, creates urgency and anticipates a seamless journey.

Create a sense of urgency in the inbox

Black Friday is an all-conversion event for a very simple reason: we want to enjoy discounts. By its very essence, the event creates buying: limited time, determined stocks, falling prices.

However, the year is not a permanent Black Friday. It is necessary to be able to convince prospects throughout the year to buy and retain loyal customers to continue to interact in an increasingly noisy environment.   

Above all, we must be able to keep our promises. If you claim loud and clear that your DNA is defined by customer satisfaction, you must be able to demonstrate it. Thus, an email "creating a sense of emergency" must include in-stocks products in real time, i.e. at the open time of each email. And don't forget to never show the products already purchased in recent months!

In fact, the email displaying "only 10 items left" at 11am when it is open cannot stay at 10 pm. 

You must be able to display your stocks in real time and replace one product with another at any time if the latter is no longer available.

Use Live dynamic image

Because an image is better than 1000 words, as much as this image speaks directly to your recipients. 

You can of course use the opener's first name on a product as this famous lingerie brand has done. The key: +190% clicks. But we can go further by integrating contextual elements that are automatically displayed at the open time of the email: time, city, etc. 

By making content a driver of experience, the recipient perceives that it is unique and fully engages in a relationship with the brand that can treat it as an individual.

Optimize the content of your emails in real-time

Performing on these emails is not just about a click rate or an opening rate. We must also be able to produce a click/open rate, which will give more information on the impact of a content on recipients and thus on their interaction. 

As a marketer, you most often have to display a selection of products imposed by the merch but you are quickly stuck by the email format. 

By bringing the content of an email to life, in particular by optimizing what it contains when it is opened thanks to the power of click activation, you let recipients choose what they like. The next openers will be able to see what is performing best.

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