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How to choose your products in an email?

Written by Colette on 25, October 2019

Selecting the products to display in an email is always the same story! You have to make sure that everyone finds their way around, the merch, you and the recipient. However, the selection of the merchandising is certainly shortened but not enough for everything to appear in the email. On your side, your choice is necessarily subjective. And your reactivity rate is dropping. How can we change the situation?

Why your email campaigns don't succeed

When you analyze your email campaigns, you notice that your reactivity rate is infinitely low. Let's be honest, it's difficult to exceed 10%, an average of 1 out of 10 people interacting with your content. 

You get used to the idea that everyone is at this point, advertiser and brand. Anyway, how else could we do it?

To ensure the sales animation plan, it is necessary to launch a marketing campaign and to ensure the campaign, email is always an ally of choice. The categories and/or products to be highlighted are carefully selected by the merchandiser when you, the marketer, had to draw from this selection to build your email.

Do you really have the customer first mindset?

When does the recipient enter this expensive, time-consuming and well-oiled cog in the long run? What a matter! "We've been customer-centric for years, us!" Let's say. 

What if we told you that by focusing on the campaign, we completely forget the recipient? When you think email, you think about choosing products displayed through this channel as for any channel. 

You are of course limited by the format: you cannot display all the elements selected by the merch. You must therefore make a new choice. In other words, everything is about brand (respecting merchandising and marketing choices) and technology (selecting a limited number of products). 

You never really wonder what the recipient wants to see. It is therefore not surprising not to see the last one reacting to your content!

Can we rely on the AI to choose the products for your emails?

AI here, AI there... very trendy but is it really effective? Yes, as long as it is of real business use!

From the merch selection, choosing the right combination of products can be confided... to the recipient himself!

Be confident about the power your recipients can make the right choice

The idea is to select the most effective combination in order to suggest the best ones for the next openers. How ? By analyzing every opening. 

Try to add situational or behavioural data to make the predictive combination of products optimal for each individual. In other words, be sure to expose them contents they love at every time. 

By focusing, for example, on data from navigation paths, we focus on recent data, which reinforces the relevance and instantaneity of the content. 

Using situational data ensures that it can perfectly match the recipient's situation at that moment. For example, the opener is in New York. He is then shown his city and all the weather information to choose an item based on it.

Want to know more about the predictive product combination? Get a demo! 

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