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Can we really optimize content in an email in real-time?

Written by Colette on 21, November 2019

Good news: the answer is yes! The evolution of technology now makes it possible to achieve this type of feat, and that is a good thing. However, we often see our interlocutors being confused when we tell them that it is possible to optimize content in real time in an email. An email content that is optimized when you open it? Weird !

Why optimize content in real time?

By definition, we cannot optimize the content of an email and even less in real time. Why?  Because that's how email works. We prepare the content beforehand and then once sent, the email is locked. 

We could leave it at that point and say to ourselves that instantaneity is played out elsewhere, with bots for example. However, can we resolve to leave 3.7 billion people who have an email inbox facing unfit content? More than 50% of Americans check their email inbox ten times a day. We could continue to accumulate key figures on the importance of email to the customer. 

It is therefore in our best interest to shake up what we think about email and start slowly but surely to align email content with what is valuable to the customer.

How to optimize the content of the email when you open it?

It all depends on the goal you set for yourself : 

  • decide among a selection of products to measure their performance among your recipients > product combination 
  • test in real time several elements of your email such as banners, CTAs, etc. without falling into the pitfalls of traditional AB testing, namely sacrificing part of your database (we will explain later). > real-time testing.

1/ The product combination 

Among a precise selection of products submitted to the marketer, you are about to make a choice because not all will fit in your email. On what criteria should we base ourselves? We do not question your sharp sense of choice but you may know your targets, but you are not next to your recipient when he will open his email. 

Through the openings, the self-learning content exposes the next recipients to the most effective products. To be able to do so, no secret : you have to be real-time. It is necessary to be able to act at the open time of the email by collecting the interactions of the recipients. In other words, you no longer need to prescribe your product offer, just get the message across and let the recipients make their own choice. It’s powerful. 

2/ Real-Time Testing 

All the contents of your email can pass the Real-Time testing test! Where the AB test pushes you to create several Html, only one is enough. You upload your different images, banners, CTAs, in short all the elements you want to test and let the first openings win the hearts of your recipients. 

The advantage among all the advantages of Real-Time Testing : you do not sacrifice a part of your base. No one will stay on a losing version. 

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of Real Time Testing :

  • taking into account the recipient's context;
  • real-time learning of campaign trends; 
  • creation of message combinations.

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