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Can we change email content based on the subscribers’ context?

Written by Colette on 17, January 2020

For those who still doubt it, it is possible to make contents in an email come alive without having to do almost nothing. It is even the key to get them to interact and create unbreakable bonds between you and your subscribers. However, generating "living" content requires you to integrate the context of your recipients. That's often where the problem comes in!

Never think again that an email's content is necessarily set in stone.

Email may still be the king of the castle, but it hasn't yet fully demonstrated its potential. If you're wondering what makes us say this, it's simply that we can now easily prove that an email. To be successful, you must integrate content created at the very moment the email is opened (and reopened). 

However, you create your content for preparing your campaigns which necessarily means that you don't have the opening context.  What will make the difference: contextual data but also behavioral one.


Bring your emails to life with contextual data

Have you ever thought of contextualizing the contents of your emails which may vary based on the weather?  the subscriber's location or his device? More than 50% of Americans check their inbox more than 10 times. It is by far their favorite way to receive brand updates. They definitely need your help.

Imagine that your subscribers discover in their inbox a selection of products specially created in case of rain, snow or heat at the right moment for them. In times of sales or offers, concocts an email with your subscribers' favorite products and integrates the inventory to create a sense of urgency. If a product is no longer in inventory, it is automatically replaced.

Make it twice as easy by combining contextual and behavioral data 

Acting on the opening context gives you a clear lead to win the battle of instantaneity. Your goal: to match the content of your emails with the intention of your recipients to generate more emotion and interaction.To do this, don't look too far: take inspiration from your recipients' browsing data to combine context and needs in a single email. According to their browsing, create content based on their intentions, generate surprise and reap up the conversion war.


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