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Boring or unexpected marketing: how do your email recipients think you are ?

Written by Colette on 13, December 2019

When we deal with the ROI of our emails, we focus on whether our recipients open or click on them, less so if they are interested in the content. It's quite surprising, by the way. The reactivity rate, i.e. the impact of content on the recipient's action, is only very rarely mentioned. Even less measured. However, this indicator says a lot about the experience felt by your openers. How do they see you? Are they surprised by unexpected content? Are you more seen as spammers?

Too much seen, too much read : when your email content bores your recipients

9 out of 10 people do not do anything about your emails. At the same time, the email channel is still as popular as ever to keep in touch with the brand, although recipients believe that only ¼ of the emails received are interesting enough to open.

The opening rate does not interest us here strictly speaking because :

  • it is the object that determines the email opening
  • we consider that it is the recipient's experience with the brand that triggers or not the opening of an email.

To focus on an opening rate to consider that the recipient is interested is therefore nonsense. 

If the recipient always gets the same type of content and which is not relevant to him, there is a good chance that the email will end up in the trash before it has even been opened or worse, that the recipient unsubscribe.  

On the contrary, if the content creates emotion in the recipient, you will see your opening rate and your click to open rate increase as well as your average shopping cart. It is the virtuous circle of unexpected content.

Unexpected content: not just a story of experience

There is often a tendency to think that experience alone is the key to engagement and then conversion. It's not that simple. Of course, experiential content, that is to say content that pushes the recipient to interact quickly because they feel the irresistible need to do it instantly, is an incredible lever. 

Don't see this as a reason to turn your emails into a gif catchall, hoping that the animation can work miracles. Instead, try to surprise your recipients with content that responds to....

  • an intention to purchase: by using the recent browsing path to trigger the purchase ;
  • a search for emotion: by creating a sense of urgency or a sense of surprise; 
  • the desire to give his opinion in order to receive relevant content: by opting for a real-time polling.

Here are some ideas that could help you refresh your brand image and improve your KPI's :

  • Deal Reveal : set new game rules by asking your recipients to come back to your email at a specific time of day to discover product offers. When they come back, deals are displayed in real time. Wow effect guaranteed ! 
  • Live Polling : create a real-time polling and encourage your recipients to vote and check their email again to see the percentage results in real-time. You can also invite them to see on the site the content related to the category for which they voted. 
  • Wishlist : ask your recipients to create their wishlist and return to their email to see it updated. A way to engage them a little more towards buying !

There are many use cases, let us guide you !

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