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3 email contents that change emails (and that your subscribers love)

Written by Colette on 13, January 2020

Here's an article that will make you forget about emails like "great offers", "exceptional promotions" or "you're going to love it". These email contents are now definitely in the Spam category for your subscribers. They see them well past but do not want to read this anymore. The reason for this is that the content is uninteresting, boring and most often unsuitable for the person and the time. In 2020, change the game and prepare tasty emails for each subscriber. 

1/ Make your recipients play with Live Polling

No more razor-sharp email that doesn't make you want to do anything on it! Create a poll and show the results update at the open time of the email and ask your subscribers to vote for the next trip of their dreams, the categories they are most interested in or their voting intentions for the next elections. 

Make them act and mostly interact by sending them to a landing page to prolong the experience. It's one of the best ways to renew your approach, to get real-time data. Surprise your recipients!

2/ Show your subscribers that you know them well

Never miss an opportunity to show your recipients that you are connected to them by using all the valuable information they leave you. Abandoned shopping cart, categories and/or products viewed, acquisition campaigns, recent searches carried out on your site. Integrate into your emails areas dedicated to behavioral data. 

If you want to double your chances of making your recipients crack, don't skip the contextual data. Weather, location, time of day, device, etc. will help you know what to say and when to make sure you hit the bulls-eye.

3/ Offer tailor-made content

We tend to underestimate emails despite the fact that there is no more evidence to be done. We often talk about conversion but much less about engagement. But if you detect that your subscribers love a particular type of content, take advantage of your emails to extend the experience. 

Be creative by choosing a selection of articles, videos or other content link to pages viewed by your subscribers.

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