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What is an high-performing email?

Written by Colette on 18, October 2019

What are we really talking about when we tackle email performance? Design? Object? CTAs? Visuals or banners? A little of all this? In reality, we often miss the point.

Up-to-date email

Real time in an email, what does it mean? Real time allows you to ensure the essential: the relevance of the message. 

At the time of opening, the recipient must see up-to-date and in stock content! If the product is no longer available, make sure that another one replaces it so that the opener never finds himself faced with an email whose content is "outdated".

Contextualized email 

56% of European decision-makers say they do not process the data fast enough to act in time, which is a barrier to talking to recipients in 1:1 way. 

Others have a lot of data from many sources which contradictorily blocks them to use them. We will have understood it, the data remains the core of the war to better know its interlocutor but there is no point in accumulating them if we do not make them actionable !

Based on the context of the e-mail opening, we are sure and certain not to offer a visit to the store while the customer is on holiday on the other side of the world, for example. 

On the other hand, you cannot have control over the context in which the opener reads the content while you are creating your email. The message therefore lacks all its relevance when it is read!

Optimized Email

We'll talk about real time again here. Why? Because it is as essential to deliver the right message at the right time as to know what works best between several visuals for example. 

With the traditional AB test, we will test 2 elements and then start again. It is necessary to plan several HTML, dedicate resources, prepare the visuals and then wait until the end of the test to obtain results. In the meantime, some openers, about 20%, have remained on the worst performing version. 

By optimizing in real time, we stay on a single HTML and see in real time what works best over the openings. No one is left out anymore! How does it work? Real Time Testing analyzes performance as the openings are made. By learning at each opening, it optimizes the message to keep only the most effective for the next openers.

Single & experiential email

We can never repeat it enough, your recipients no longer want to be drowned in the mass. They want you to talk to them and only to them. To create a unique and authentic link, do you use dynamic image personalization? By using it, you can create a unique visual when the e-mail is opened. 

So, if you want to exchange individually with your customers, build on the data you have, but not only. Make sure you can aggregate and activate both browsing and contextual data! 

Discover how Etam increased its clicks by 190% using the dynamic image personalization.

An email based on browsing data

Imagine spending a lot of time finding an item, comparing on several websites, filling a shopping cart and then dropping out along the way: you are clearly looking for help to make up your mind!

If you are this nice and attentive brand, you can totally send an email to share customer reviews about this item. By integrating notification flows and browsing data, you can focus on the recipient's real expectations.

A powerful email: the 5 elements to check

  • contents up-to-date 
  • optimized content 
  • experiential & unique message
  • integration of browsing data
  • considering the context

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