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3 strategies to increase the performance of your emails (and much more)

Written by Colette on 8, October 2019

Increasing email performance is key to build a unique relationship with your customers. On the prospect end, email encourages interaction at first, then ideally, one day, the purchase. There is a lot of talk about personalization to deal with the different issues related to the customer experience. However, making the difference in the inbox is not personalizing as brands currently do. To be a successful performer, we offer 3 strategies that will make a difference.

1/ Invent new rules for better performing emails

You have managed to engage with a visitor, who is willing to subscribe to your newsletter but not yet ready to buy. We have two issues here. The first one seems obvious: to convert. For the second, it is a matter of continuing to forge bonds. 

How does it works ?

  • At the first email opening, display the existing wishlist or offer them to create it
  • Provide a message to ask the recipient to come back to the email once the wishlist is ready. 
  • The recipient has been willing to play the game ! When he returns to the email, he sees his wishlist change in real-time with the products added. 

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2/ Create unique visuals

If you are used to using triggers to keep in touch after a purchase, you should like what follows. 

Instead of sending a purchase guide or a customer return request, you can fully individualize your email using Dynamic Image Customization.

How does it works ?

Integrate a dynamic content creation tool to create visuals in real time when the recipient opens their email. This feature offers content tailored to each customer ! 

It is the best way to make the difference in the inbox when it comes to the over solicitation of your recipients on a daily basis.

3/ Test your content in real-time 

With traditional AB tests, you start testing two CTAs, two banners and then continue with product visuals, etc. It wastes a lot of money to produce and you have a hard time figure out what works best. 

Why ? Choosing two segments at random, testing two versions while waiting for the winning version to emerge and therefore, blocking one segment impacts your time and the experience of your openers. 

Good news is that you can test several elements at once without penalizing a part of your database. By opting for Real Time Testing, you let individuals quickly choose which version will win and be seen for the next openers. 

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