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A new brand identity: ever more Reelevant

Written by Colette Alcaraz on 10, April 2020

We have something new to show you. Colors, patterns, shapes, fonts: our new identity is intended to highlight our vision and our convictions.

How We Play Bigger with our New Category

We're not a new personalization player. We fight against segmentation and targeting. We believe that marketing campaigns are obsolete and boring. We believe that people deserve to be treated as individuals with their own emotions and expectations.

Creating emotion doesn't pass through four paths: only content can carry and impact the individual who is exposed to it. That’s why we create the Unexpected Relevant Content Category.

We create the unexpected in the inbox with content based on data updated each time the email is opened. We create content for individuals not campaigns.No one will ever receive the same content! We don't make email, we reinvent the channel.


Visually reflect our unique category 

Several points contribute to represent our personality. It wants to be anti-conformist: the Boring antithesis. 


We have deliberately chosen bright colors to support our dynamism, creativity but also balance. 

Because we also stand out, a palette of pastel, warm and luminous colors stands out from the main colors. 


Beyond artistic direction, we wanted to rely on shapes to subtly present what we do. Each shape has a meaning: data from the context surrounding people such as the weather, their localization or the availability of the products proposed, but also browsing data, data carried by the brand, etc. 

From the combination of the different shapes a unique content is created, created for people, not for a campaign.



Two fonts will allow us to express what we have to say:

  • Pangram Sans, Bold. 
  • Open Sans 

They illuminate the artistic direction without overloading the whole. 

3D Illustration

The identity is illustrated in 3D to reflect the visual and experiential side of Reelevant's technology. This also helps to create emotion and a warm feel to the identity.





From the nesting of the shapes, the data, comes a unique and unexpected content represented in green. The emergence of this content comes from the aggregation of data on which we rely to provide the reader with unexpected content, content that looks like itself.