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Abandon carts emails: how to trigger conversions

Written by Colette Alcaraz on 27, February 2020

70% of your visitors abandon their shopping cart at checkout. We don't teach you anything. To try to convert intent into purchase, however, it is not enough to hope to convince your recipients through a few retargeting banners. Rather annoying than convincing, email is the best way to achieve your goals. We explain how and why. 

Why shopping cart abandonment email can be counterproductive 

If you are already sending this type of email at the moment, you are probably going to tell us that they work pretty well and you’re right. It’s probably the follow-up emails which give the best results in terms of conversion and click-to-open rate. But we can do much better.  

Initially, the inbox is a "holy" space. A space where we want to decide what we want to see and not what the senders, whoever they are, impose on us. We are often happy to give out our contact details in the hope that we will find relevant content in the emails, according to ourselves and in the right context. 

However, if one of your recipients abandons his or her shopping cart, it is probably because one or more elements disturbed him or her during the checkout. Sending him an email including only his basket will just remind him that he didn't want to go any further. 

In other words, your recipient is not a stunned person. He may have abandoned his basket because he didn't have time to finalize, but there is a good chance that his intention to buy is thwarted. 


Which cart abandonment email should I create to trigger conversion? 

The good news is that there is not only a strategy to create a powerful shopping cart abandonment email and reignite your recovery rate. 

Share an abandoned product with customer reviews 

You will always pay more attention to what others say about a product than you do. This is called social proof. Reminding your recipients that they are leaving behind a highly-rated product may well make them reconsider. Even create a sense of urgency to finalize their purchase!

Create a sense of urgency 

Include products inventory updated at every re-open and a timer in your shopping cart abandonment real-time email can help you finalize your purchase. Be careful however not to abuse with timers! We think especially to use it in period of sales for example. Too often creating a sense of urgency can be counterproductive for a recipient who is already very busy in the inbox.  

Integrate the abandoned shopping cart in a newsletter

Wanting to absolutely uncouple the email objectives is sensible. Only nowadays, one expects more inbox subtlety. Subscribers can spot and know your emails. Concerning abandoned shopping cart emails, they may not even bother to open them. 

Using your newsletters to integrate an abandoned shopping cart may just remind your recipients.Indeed, adding a discarded product to a newsletter increases the exposition and therefore the conversion potential. In this case, the real-time is one of our best allies to show the abandoned product or card only to those who don’t buy yet. If your subscribers finally fall for your products, nothing will appear in the newsletter. Being able to adapt your content to their behavior, but also context, is simply powerful. 



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